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50 ways to keep the Spark!


I can’t begin to explain how much I love this man. He has been so great for me and he is so kind. We have been together for seven months and we have gone through our ups and downs. It is funny because if you think about how all our relationships begin it’s perfect and sweet with no imperfections. Time goes by and we see things in our partner we never saw before. Trust me I was that chick who put her best foot first. I wanted to be the best version of myself for this man. Well fast forward months and even years and our imperfections come out. He freely farts in front of you-You start to put hair removal cream on your upper lip in front of him. True story! Lol. All in time. I still have love for my funny though. Nobody is perfect and it takes work to keep the spark. I wanted to share 50 things you can do with your lover to keep it alive!

1. Leave a love note

2. Make breakfast in bed

3. Give them a huge hug

4. Plan a spa day

5. Drink wine and talk about your first date

6. Plan a day trip

7. Give your lover a back massage

8. Dress up for your man

9. Go on a dinner date

10. Take a walk under the stars

11. Compliment your hunny

12. Run a hot bath with candeles

13. Talk about your dreams

14. Talk about your future together

15. Spend time with family

16. Motivate one another

17. Be sweet

18. Ask how their day was

19. Listen

20. Give random kisses

21. Buy them flowers

22. Make a romantic dinner

23. say “I love you”

24. Make compromises

25. Compliment your partner

26. Reminisce on how you met

27. Plan a random day trip

28. Have tickle fights

29. Give small gifts

30. Take a stroll on the beach

31. Create a photo album together

32. Be kind

33. Defend your partner

34. Go to an art exhibit

35. Go to a park

36. Build a sandcastle together

37. Wash your lovers car for them

38. Buy a box of chocolates

39. Go to sleep happy

40. Be a little naughty

41. Read romantic love poems

42. Watch a romantic movie

43. Go on a romantic drive

44. Make a romantic playlist

45. Kiss her forehead

46. Send romantic text messages

47. Bring lunch to his work

48. Bake a cake otgether

49. Make a scrapbook

50. Make them number one

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the post!


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