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New Beginnings

Here we go!

I weighed in at 188.4


My goal is to lose 8 pounds in thirty days. That means I need to get to 180.4


Trust me my weight is always up and down. I have never been really consistent but that is going to change. I want to inspire women and let them know that they can be healthy and they can do it. We all deserve that hot body!


For lunch I made a salad



2 cups spinach

4.5 oz of Chicken Breast

1 oz of crushed walnuts

2 tbsp of raspberry vinaigrette

Calorie Total-363 Calories

Yum! It was filling and healthy. I had my protein and veggies. Remember when you get the protein in you stay fuller longer. Eating well can taste good. You just need to train those tastebuds baby!

I will be going to the gym tonight with my hunny. I’ll post later about how that goes 🙂 Have an awesome day!

What did you eat today?!?!



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