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Have Faith



I was reading Susie Larson’s book called “Your Beautiful Purpose”. There was a section in it that really stuck to me. She said, “When we focus on our fears, the risk of stepping out feels greater than the potential reward of living by faith”. I think we can all think of at least one scenario when we doubted ourselves (or even thousands). I think we ask,” What if we fail? What if there are more qualified people then me? I am not good enough. I’ll stay in my comfort zone.” This is all mind talk. We pass up so many experiences because of fear. We do this with relationships, family, and our dreams. I remember when I was younger and my cousins and I went on a road trip with my grandmother, we stopped at a ranch and were going to ride some horses. They were so stunning. All the kids were so excited but not me. I told my grandma that I was too afraid to ride, so she said that I could stay behind with her. A few hours passed and my cousins came back and it looked like they had a blast. I got this feeling of being left out and missing the fun, but it was my choice to stay behind. My fear kept me from experiencing life.

Can you think of an event you missed out on because your fear got the better of you?

We need to keep our faith in the Lord and also in ourselves. We need to remember that the lord is in this journey with us. We can think of a thousand reasons on how we could fail but we can’t predict the future. Take that leap, no matter how much fear you feel. Having faith opens up an abundance of experiences.


2 comments on “Have Faith

  1. Kelly Grace
    April 11, 2014

    Hello Holly,
    I love how you framed this Life Lesson in the context of a simple outing to go horseback riding. I find God uses the very everyday things of our lives to teach us to trust Him.
    Have a beautiful day and keep telling us stories.

    • hollybeltran
      April 11, 2014

      I definitely agree Kelly. I know that I need to put more of my trust in him.
      You have a great day too and thank you for reading.

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