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National Siblings Day!

Today is the day to recognize our brothers and sisters. We should acknowledge them everyday though. Lol. Well I am the oldest of two girls. My sisters name is Kristen. We are only 16 months apart. It was nice to be so close in age and I hope I can have my kids close together too.



This is me and my sister at the park with my dad and mom. She was so tiny!

You can say that me and my sister are complete opposites. She is funny and spontaneous and me well….I make horrible jokes and I am always over analyzing things. I love my sister a lot. She is such an important part of my life. I am very proud of her and I know she has great things ahead of her. She has such a great spirit. I hope she gets everything she wants in life.

Being the older sibling gives you this motherly instinct, like you want nothing bad to happen to your little sister. I am very protective. I think that is normal.

I remember when we were younger my sister would always want to sleep in bed with me. I do not think she liked being by herself. It was funny because I remember getting frustrated because she always wanted to talk and I just wanted to go to bed. In reality it was nice to know that she felt safe with me.

Everyone give your siblings a huge hug today!


Sisters forever XOXO



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