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25th Birthday in Disneyland!


I got to go to Disneyland and California Adventure for my 25th. My boyfriend is so sweet! I had such a fun time. We got to be kids again. We went on a ton of rides and saw some pretty amazing shows. The Aladdin one was my favorite one of all. That one is located at California Adventure.


I felt like a princess, all through the  park strangers and workers were wishing me a Happy Birthday. It was really kind, the way they noticed it was my birthday was because I had a pin on my shirt.


This ride looked so cool! I did not get to ride it though. The seats swing side to side and at night it lights up. My boyfriend decided to get us season passes to Disneyland park because we only live 15 minutes away and there was still so much more things we wanted to do.


I love this man more then anything. He made my day so special! We spent a total of 14 hours at the park, the day was packed full of fun.

Minnie is my favorite!!!! lol

Who is your favorite character?


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