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The Stair master is the Devil!

Today I went to the gym and was deciding what machine to use for my HIIT Training and decided to go with the stair master. I usually just do 20 minutes but for some ludicrous reason I set the timer at 40. I remember saying to myself after 10 minutes went by that I would stop at the twenty minute mark. Then it came and I told myself I could do more. Every 5 minutes after that I stopped the machine completely and would stretch and rest for 30 seconds and then go back with the training. I did this a total of four times and it worked great. Usually after I feel really tired and take a break I tell myself I am done but in reality I have so much more to give. Remember ladies just because you stop and rest does not mean you can’t start back on it again. It was hard I must admit but I would say out loud with each step Burn Fat Burn Fat Burn Fat and that pushed me and of course listening to my Pandora Stations 🙂 Hope this helps you set your expectations Higher!



3 comments on “The Stair master is the Devil!

  1. JcCee
    July 28, 2014

    Great post! Very encouraging!!

    • hollybeltran
      July 28, 2014

      Thank you! Hopefully it was. I know it can be hard to keep pushing!

      • JcCee
        July 28, 2014

        You’re welcome! Yes, it can!

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